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Rackspace Cloud Products

Cloud Sites: State of the art cloud computing platform without the hard limitations of any particular hardware. Instead of one physical server in dedicated hosting, your websites and applications are hosted from a pool of servers that provide on-demand cloud computing resources as much as they need when they need it.

Cloud Servers: VPS hosting built right into the cloud. It's not about any single server, it's about hundreds of them serving your virtual slice simultaneously. Provision, customize and then use it in real time. You are billed on an hourly basis and only pay as long as you keep the slices. Perfect for test applications and occasional computing demands.

Cloud Files: Online storage and content delivery platform that distinguishes Rackspace Cloud from all other hosting providers. It's platforms and applications over servers and websites. The well structured integration with Cloud Sites and Cloud Servers as well as the rich set of API have made Cloud Files even more heroic in online data storage and CDN solutions.

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